Student Leader Profile: Lindsay deMuth ’17

lindsayName: Lindsay deMuth

Graduation year: 2017

Hometown: Baltimore

Major/Minor: Environmental Studies, Poverty Studies and global politics

What motivated you to get involved in Campus Kitchen? I took Poverty 101 and 102 and got involved through my fieldwork for 102.

Favorite class and why: Poverty Studies with Professor Pickett. I learned about issues that society in general has no idea about/is very misinformed about. Professor Pickett was a great teacher and we had very intense discussions and read some highly stimulating pieces, both which made us want to go out and help fight the poverty problem nationally and globally.

Most meaningful service experience? I worked at a camp for homeless children in Baltimore which was very eye opening. i have also enjoyed working with campus kitchen, especially at the Lexington Office on Youth.

What poverty issue are you most passionate about and why? The hunger problem. About 40 million people are food insecure in the U.S. People do not realize that we have such a large hunger problem because we also have an obesity problem. But hunger and obesity are closely linked. The hunger epidemic is closely connected to environmental issues.

How do you think you’ll use your experiences in the Shepherd Program in your future career? I plan to work in public health/politics. My Poverty class and work with the Campus Kitchen will hopefully prepare me for the future.

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