Reflections on Shepherd Internship in Camden

Please enjoy the reflection below from Bonner Student Leah Gose ’15 on her Shepherd Internship work in Camden, NJ.

Written By: Leah Gose

            For the past seven weeks, I have spent time working with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, which aims to lower the overall cost of healthcare in the city of Camden, New Jersey.

            Before I arrived, I was constantly told that Camden was done for, that nothing could save it. “Watch out for everything and don’t go out at night.” Everyone put Camden on the back burner. Now that I’m preparing to leave, I see nothing but hope seeping from the edges of the city.

            As a Bonner, we are expected to go out into communities and use our leadership skills to help others. In Lexington, there is an ease at which we can achieve these goals with the help of the university and fiscal support from donors. Camden lacks most of what with Lexington is blessed. Being here I have realized the importance of maintaining an open heart and helping hand. We must be willing to reach into the darkness and find those grasping for help, for hope.

            Fear is not worthy of stopping Camden from rising from the rubble. The lessons I’ve learned in the Bonner program keep me from running in fear- for all those that have made a difference they have swallowed their fear and held their head high. One day I will leave Lexington forever and I will go into the world with the lessons learned there and here in Camden knowing not only that I can change the world but I must. As a Bonner, I have the where-with-all. As a person, I have the responsibility.

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